COVID-19: All services, programs and gatherings at Oakleigh Anglican Church have been suspended. 

Dear Friends in Christ,

These are troubled times and I know some of us will be concerned or stressed about the new corona virus (Covid-19) and the possible severe health consequences for so many of us. We need to remember that the church has survived these kinds of disasters over the last 2,000 years because it is the Lord God who holds us close, encouraging us and supporting us when we are afraid.

But we will also have to find some new ways forward. The temporary suspension of our services, our small groups and our outreach ministries is now part of the new government regulations brought in Sunday evening by Prime Minister Morrison closing all places of worship in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is on top of the directions from Archbishop Philip Freier for all Anglican church services and and the face to face ministries of parishes to be suspended.

So friends, although our church services have been suspended, we are still joined together spiritually in Christ. In the coming weeks (and perhaps even months), the ministry team will continue to speak with you, to pray with and for you and to send out emails and texts. We are looking for common pray and study even in our separate homes. Can we encourage you to reach out to other parishioners in the coming week/s, let them know that you are supporting them. We want to stay connected as much as possible, even if meeting together in person is not possible. If you would like prayer or conversation, please email with your details. We will continue to consider other ways to build God's community gathered at Oakleigh in this time of difficulty and distress.

We know that it is God who provides all that we need, even when we cannot see how it can happen. It can be hard to remember this when the supermarket shelves are empty and people seem greedy when they fill their trolleys. When I am scared or stressed, I find comfort and encouragement in the promises given to us by the Lord Jesus, As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love. (John 15:9). We know that we are loved and held by the LORD Jesus himself. I pray that you too are also encouraged by this.


With my thoughts and prayers for all of you,

Rev'd Colleen

Oakleigh Anglican Church


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